Carla B

“I don’t mind living in a world of men,
IF I can be a woman.” Carla B

Into the history, the “know how”.

Carla B is the flagship of Maglificio Venezia, a Venetian family who pass down from a generation to the next one great care in producing handcrafted knitwear.

The important experience in the selection and processing of precious yarns, combined with a creative capacity throughout Italian and exclusive taste of the designer Carla B, creates unique, original and superior quality pieces.

In Carla B, tradition and innovation are united by a single thread. Manufacturing and new trends intertwine to offer to Italian and international markets the idea of tailor-made clothes, always with an excellent quality/price ratio.

About people, the uniqueness.

The care of every detail speaks a story of tailoring, as well as touching the fabric of the clothes reveals the skill of a team consistently dedicated to the pursuit of the best result.

The vast experience of our employees and the continuous exchange between design, production and quality control departments, give each creation of Carla B. collections a unique touch, personal and unrepeatable.

The company know-how enables the production of dropped or mixed media garments, also in pure cashmere or in superfine titrations, with the guarantee of a true 100 % made in Italy. The choice, in addition, to support the latest technology with the vintage tailoring frames, gives the articles of clothing a unique and unmistakable appearance.

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